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Portugal Property Real Estate Market

Portugal Property was listed as one of the favourite countries in the world to buy and own a real estate. OECD did this listing in May 2013, and according to the same organisation, Portuguese real estate is currently undervalued with the price-to-rent ratio making Portugal arguably the most attractive property market in Europe. Such findings are further reinforced by news that 12% of banks are slashing home prices as a means to attract more buyers to reduce their stockpiles. Furthermore, Portuguese real estate agents in some prime locations are offering reductions of up to 30% from their initial asking price. According to Portugal’s National Statistics Institute (INE), the national average property price per square meter currently stands under €1000.

Portugal Property has a highly developed property market with a high quality of supply in all sectors and a significant number of foreign occupiers. The transparency of the market has attracted a good number of international consultants and agents. To add to this, the laws governing rental agreement has been made much more liberal while that on evicting a tenant that fails to meet up with his/her rent has been made more expedite.

The presence of a transparent Portugal Property market spiced by the falling prices of properties due to a reduction in prices by estate agents and banks together with the aforementioned points have helped to rekindle Portugal’s property market.

Portugal Property Location

The Lisbon-Cascais-Sintra property region holds the best residential and commercial properties in Portugal. Most big companies have their headquarters located in Lisbon or its vicinity, making this city the main decision centre. It is also recognised as a major tourist magnet hosting the country’s major airport which is the main hub for flight in and out of the country. Quite a good number of Portugal’s international schools are located in Lisbon.

Portugal Property Type

Residential Portugal properties stand as the most popular type of property thanks to the versatility of its use which includes private use and short or long term rentals for income generating.

Portugal Property Search and Negotiation

There are two basic options you can use to conduct a Portugal Property search. Either you do it yourself starting with a search over the internet and then proceed to contact the most promising estate agent or, you hire a search agent having a better knowledge of the market including unlisted properties to help you out with the search. These two options are also available to you when it comes to negotiating the purchase of the property. This means you can either negotiate the purchase yourself or preferably, you hire a Portugal Property buying agent who should be your search agent if you have one. It is preferable to hire a purchasing agent because he/she will have a better knowledge of the market which will enable him/her to be able to anticipate any future problem with the property you have interest in and recommend possible solutions. Most importantly, a Portugal Property purchasing agent has transaction experience that will, as a rule, enable you to buy at a lower price with a discount that will as a greater rule overwrite the fee you will pay for his/her services. This makes hiring a good Portugal Property purchase agent cost-effective.



Property Lisbon team is here to help you find your perfect property in Lisbon

Buying Property in Portugal

If you have been looking through some of the properties showcased on our website but could not find what you were looking for, please read further. Our website shows only a limited selection of properties available for sale throughout Lisbon. Please contact us at info@propertylisbon.com to talk to an expert consultant for help and further information. The Lisbon team members are always available to quickly and efficiently answer any of your questions or requests you may have. Share your thoughts with us and help us understand what exactly you are looking for, and we will advise you accordingly and guide you through the process of purchasing a Lisbon property along with all associated buying costs and investment returns.

Consider the following questions: 

  • What is your estimated appropriate cash budget?
  • What kind of property are you looking for? A property for investment or perhaps a home.
  • Do you prefer city center living with an eye on short term rentals, or a residential neighbourhood?
  • Do you play golf? Or Surf? Or just enjoy the wonderful restaurant in Lisbon?
  • Do you prefer property with a terrace, garden or outside areas?
  • Or are you only interested in Luxury new property?
  • Are you looking for something unique perhaps a renovation project?
  • How many bedrooms would you prefer?
  • Are you open minded to Off-plan & under construction properties?
  • Is this property to become your permanent residence?

These are some of the important questions that our future clients should answer before they begin their journey to owning a property in Lisbon. The answers you give us will help us find the perfect property for you.

For more information, please write to us on info@propertylisbon.com , or call us on +351 221 226 489 and a member of the Lisbon team will be happy to assist and answer any of your questions.





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